Keystone actors

The keystone actors represent various aspects of the seafood production supply chain, including feed production, aquaculture and wild catch production, as well as post-harvest activities

Keystone companies

Key Commitments

We will act on the following:

Improve transparency and traceability in our own operations, and work together to share information and best practice, building on existing industry partnerships and collaborations.
Engage in concerted efforts to help reduce IUU fishing and seek to ensure that IUU products and endangered species are not present in our supply chains.
Engage in science-based efforts to improve fisheries and aquaculture management and productivity, through collaboration with industry, regulators and civil society.
Engage in concerted efforts to eliminate any form of modern slavery including forced, bonded and child labour in our supply chains.
Work towards reducing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture.
Reduce the use of plastics in seafood operations, and encourage global efforts to reduce plastic pollution.

Reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions.

Secure new growth in aquaculture, by deploying best practices in preventive health management, including improved regulatory regimes.

Collaborate and invest in the development and deployment of emerging approaches and technologies for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

Support novel initiatives and innovations for ocean stewardship.