Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship

Connecting science with industry leaders for biosphere stewardship


About SeaBOS

Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship aims to explore whether or not a small number of “Keystone Actors” have the potential to lead a global transformation towards sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean.
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To lead a global transformation towards sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean.

We, as keystone actors in the global seafood industry, recognize that together, and in collaboration with science, we represent a global force, not only in the operation of the seafood industry, but also in contributing to a resilient planet with marine ecosystems continuing to produce food of high quality for present and future generations.

Task Forces

Following the Stockholm Dialogue, several Task Forces have been organized to operationalize the priorities described in the statement. Each taskforce is led by SeaBOS members in collaboration with, and supported by, scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and additional partners.

Task Force 1

Addressing IUU and forced labour

To ensure there are no IUU products, nor any forced labour, in SeaBOS members' supply chains.

Task Force 2

Improving traceability
in global seafood

To promote and illustrate leadership and best practice in terms of seafood traceability.

Task Force 3

Working with governments
to improve regulations

To harness the expertise and reach of SeaBOS members to actively contribute to ocean stewardship in fisheries, aquaculture, and ocean health.

Task Force 4

Transparency and Governance of SeaBOS

To develop clear governance, staffing and funding mechanisms, as well as monitoring and tracking of progress, transparency of reporting by SeaBOS members, and communications.

Task Force 5

Reducing ocean plastics

To identify ways to improve ocean health through removal and prevention of plastics into the marine environment as well as re-use, recycling and alternative materials.

Task Force 6

Climate resilience

To focus on global solutions to the impacts of climate change on sustainable seafood production, as well as the ability of sustainable seafood production to play a role in the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change impacts.


The original website for this unique collaboration was hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, as the keystone dialogues. 

Members & Funders

SeaBOS science is separately funded to the operational aspects of SeaBOS. The science for the initiative is co-funded from three USA Philanthropic Foundations as well as funds and inputs from multiple scientific institutes. Keystone companies provide contributions towards the administration and specific projects for SeaBOS, in addition to those separate scientific programs.

Keystone companies

Scientific partners