Task Force III

Working with governments

To work with governments toward sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean, as well as mechanisms to reduce antibiotics in aquaculture.


  • Work towards reducing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture.

Ouraim is todevelop solutionsfor responsible use of antibioticstogether with the SeaBOScompanies. This is within the broader remit of Task Force III to, where possible, interact with governments on key threats to sustainable seafood and ocean health, such as promoting regulations needed to deal with climate change impacts on seafood at national, international, and multi-national levels. In addition, the Task Force aimsto work more broadly with governments to improve the knowledge and understanding surrounding the health, climate, and societal benefits of sustainable seafood production.

Antibiotic stewardshipin farming is critical to preserve the efficacy of these essential drugs for human and animal health. Good stewardship is also critical for the reputation of the aquaculture sector, which recently has come under scrutiny following examples of poor practice. We are working with industry, academia, and relevant associations to develop science-based solutions for a broad range of aquaculture systems which will reduce use and improve controls on antibiotic stewardship in seafood production. The goal is to helpavoid negative impacts on human and animal health and wellbeing which will arise through antimicrobial resistance if certain practices continue

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The below table illustrates the member companies' joint steps towards meeting SeaBOS commitments and does not represent individual company results across all topics. Please consult each company's web page and annual reports for details on each company's results.


Work towards reducing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture.

Shared high-resolution data with scientists 6/10
Road-map for reducing antibiotics 10/10

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