Task Force II

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Healthy ocean ecosystems and rich biodiversity are vital components of ocean stewardship. This Task Force focuses on developing practices that minimize impacts of seafood production on endangered species, and to develop solutions that enhance marine ecosystems.

Task force leaders


  • Engage in concerted efforts to help reduce IUU fishing and seek to ensure that IUU products and endangered species are not present in our supply chains.

SeaBOS is working to put science-based and operational measures in place to reduce the risk of harm to endangered species and their habitats in fisheries, feeds and aquaculture operations and supply chains. SeaBOS companies and scientists will work together to develop and pilot science-based solutions including evaluation of novel technologies that can help monitor the status of endangered species, mitigate negative impacts or incentivize stewardship.

SeaBOS´ ambition is to align its work with global biodiversity goals and standards, including the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and work to develop and implement best practices in seafood production.

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