Keystone dialogues

Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) is an initiative resulting from a series of Keystone Dialogues between scientists and seafood companies. These dialogues have taken place once a year since 2016. Below is a summary of each.

The Soneva Dialogue

The first meeting resulted in a ten-point statement committing to action on ocean stewardship.

The Stockholm Dialogue

The second meeting worked to move towards more operational targets.

The Amersfoort Dialogue

This meeting which laid the foundations for several agreements ahead of the Karuizawa Dialogue in September 2018.

The Karuizawa Dialogue

This meeting helped formally establish SeaBOS as an independent legal entity.

The Phuket Dialogue

This meeting launched a new task force to address the key impacts of climate change on the seafood industry.

Digital Dialogue

The companies agreed on a number of goals towards achieving their original commitments from 2016.

Digital Dialogue

Several agreements to progress on efforts towards transformation to sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean.